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Shop KW Flowers

Shop KW Flowers

KW Gardens & Flowers carefully crafts each bouquet with a whimsical style, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to any home. The vibrant colors of the flowers blend together to create a stunning contrast and texture to the bouquet. From bright pinks and purples to soft whites and yellows, our bouquets are sure to make any space feel more alive.

My current bouquet is the most beautiful assembly of flowers and greenery that I have seen in person in waaaaay too long.  Live arrangements bring me such joy every time they catch my eye in the house and I’m so grateful to have access to your talented craft. 

The flowers are not your typical arrangement flowers. Kate makes arrangements you can’t find elsewhere!  She has such a great eye for creating and pairing flowers together perfectly . I've never seen anything like her designs. They are truly special. 

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