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Valentine Flowers Alternatives

When one thinks of a typical Valentine's bouquet, it's usually of a dozen red roses. Red roses symbolize love, passion and romance so it's no surprise these are the chosen ones. Why do we give flowers at all? The flowers' connection to Valentine's Day dates back to the 19th century, when Victorians used floral bouquets to deliver a message to love interests through their meanings. This system is called "floriography" and officially solidified the red rose's romantic status, according to Kate Greenway, author of The Language of Flowers.

Nowadays, we have cards and text messages to convey our feelings in words to our loved ones. More and more, people are choosing to give alternative flowers on Valentine's day. Here are a few of my favorites that not only make beautiful choices, but still send a message of love:


Did you know tulips are the second most popular flower for Valentine's Day? Red tulips symbolize a declaration of love. But any color of tulip will be a welcome gift!


The soft ruffled petals of these flowers are sometimes mistaken for roses. They symbolize appreciation and respect.


Their vibrant colors, delicate petals and dark centers are truly eye catching. Anemones are available all year, but are at their peak in February and March, making them a beautiful choice for Valentine's Day. They symbolize undying love. 


Similar in shape to roses but with denser, ruffled petals and a sweet fragrance. These come in so many colors and last a long time in a vase. Carnation meanings vary depending on the flower color. Red carnations denote a deep love as well as a sense of longing. Pink carnations are used to tell the recipient that they'll never be forgotten. But a basic carnation flower means fascination, distinction and love.


This unique tropical flower consists of a large flower head surrounded by fuzzy pink petals. The primary symbol is strength, courage and resilience, since this beautiful plant survives in extreme climate conditions.

Which one(s) do you like best? Personally, I love them all - put them into a mixed bouquet and I'll be happy! Whatever you choose, find something beautiful and send it to a loved one - on Valentine's Day, or any day of the year. Flowers make people happy!

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29 de fev.

I never even heard of Protea but it looks amazing! Where does it typically grow?

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