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Spooky Halloween Plants

Halloween has me seeing everything a little different today. A little spookier and a little more sinister. Even my plants and garden are hiding monsters and creatures. Have a look below and see where my imagination took me...

An Evil Eye?

(or just Rubeckia hirta)

Dried up brains?

(or just a fungus)

Sea serpents emerging from a lake?

(or just buds of a Lotus flower)

A rodent's tail?

(or just Korean Burnet (Sanguisorba) )

Blood-streaked beady eyeballs?

(or just Harlequin glorybower (Clerodendrum) )

A purple people (or bee!) eater?

(or just Salvia guaranitica)

Indiana Jones' worst nightmare ... a pit of snakes!

(or just Earth Star bromeliad)

Purple tentacles of a garden-dwelling octopus?

(or just Salvia )

Big Foot's hairy arms?

(or just an old vine on a tree trunk)

Beads of sweat on a green monster's face?

(or just morning dew on a leaf)

Pimpled and decaying flesh?

(or just fungus on a tree stump)

Long and twisted fingers of a witch?

(or just an ornamental pepper)

Spooky? Definitely.

Real? Maybe...

Mwahahaha! Happy Halloween!


Feb 29

Loved seeing all your spooky plants and their fascinating textures, too!


Feb 29

Very imaginative! The skeletal fingers are scary! Happy Halloween!


Feb 29

What spooky fun! Imagination is more scary than effects. Very creative creepy visions. Happy Halloween!

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