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Spooky Halloween Plants

Halloween has me seeing everything a little different today. A little spookier and a little more sinister. Even my plants and garden are hiding monsters and creatures. Have a look below and see where my imagination took me...

An Evil Eye?

(or just Rubeckia hirta)

Dried up brains?

(or just a fungus)

Sea serpents emerging from a lake?

(or just buds of a Lotus flower)

A rodent's tail?

(or just Korean Burnet (Sanguisorba) )

Blood-streaked beady eyeballs?

(or just Harlequin glorybower (Clerodendrum) )

A purple people (or bee!) eater?

(or just Salvia guaranitica)

Indiana Jones' worst nightmare ... a pit of snakes!

(or just Earth Star bromeliad)

Purple tentacles of a garden-dwelling octopus?

(or just Salvia )

Big Foot's hairy arms?

(or just an old vine on a tree trunk)

Beads of sweat on a green monster's face?

(or just morning dew on a leaf)

Pimpled and decaying flesh?

(or just fungus on a tree stump)

Long and twisted fingers of a witch?

(or just an ornamental pepper)

Spooky? Definitely.

Real? Maybe...

Mwahahaha! Happy Halloween!

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