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Best Blooms for Fall Gardens

Just because it's fall, doesn't mean the garden is finished for the year. On the contrary, there are many flowering perennials that are just beginning to show their beauty in the fall and will continue to do so until the first killing frost.

Here are some of my favorites:

Blooming for nearly 2 months, Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield Pink' is a winner in my fall garden. It has a single, daisy-like flower in a light pink-salmon color and a yellow center. Very hardy and very showy, these Sheffield Pink mums love the sun and can easily be divided each spring to give you more plants. Butterflies love them and so do I!

Asters are a lovely alternative to the ubiquitous common mum in a fall garden. Bold colors, pest-resistant and a pollinator magnet, these plants will continue to bloom until frost. They enjoy mostly sunny conditions and come in blue/purple, pink, purple and white. Read more about asters and my love for them in my recent blog post.

Japanese Anemone. Seriously, what's NOT to love about this plant? Dark green leaves form a nice clump at the base and soon tall & wiry stems emerge with multiple buds at the tips. The flowers that open can be white, light pink or dark pink. Different varieties have different heights and therefore can fit into any garden. They prefer full sun to part sun conditions. My favorite is Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' (photo above) - the flowers are pure white with yellow centers and grow to 4-5ft tall. They have been blooming and swaying in the breeze for weeks!

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' has fleshy, green thick leaves and bright pink flowers on large heads that age into a lovely copper hue as the season progresses into fall. For me, having the shift of colors is a true highlight - the pink looks lovely in late summer and by the time they begin to look more copper-bronze, they seamlessly blend with the deep colors of autumn. Very tolerant of poor soils, they prefer full sun and can easily be divided in spring to produce more plants for your garden.

So many beautiful things still growing and thriving this time of year. I love walking through the garden this time of year, when the trees are starting to turn color, the grass's seedheads are dancing in the breeze and these perennials are on full display. Fall is like a second spring.


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